1. About world777

The site is operated by group of companies with address at Heelsumstraat 51, Curacao. The group includes Ecofun Services N.V. which owns and operates the website, registered under number 152307, authorized by Antillephone. under license number 8048/JAZ2020 – 025. The transactions are processed by Ecofun Services N.V., registered with the number 152307 and address at Heelsumstraat 51, Curacao. For the purpose of processing payments via Paysafe Group including but not limited to Neteller and Skrill, the transaction processing entity shall be Ecofun Services N.V. with its identification number 152307 and address at Heelsumstraat 51, Curacao.

2. The Basics

The Rules are a binding agreement between Us and You and by clicking that You accept the Rules when creating Your Account You agree that You have read and accepted the Rules. If You do not agree with the Rules, You should not register or continue to use the Website. Everything changes and We may change these Rules at any time. Where We do so We will contact You and inform You in advance of the new Rules being implemented.

3. Definitions

Being transparent is key at Here are some explanations of some terms used throughout the Rules. “Bonus” shall cover all promotional offers that gift a tangible reward, including but not limited to: welcome offers, reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, free bets, and safe bets. “Games” are Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook and any other games on Our Site (including mobile or any other platform) and ’Game’ can mean any one of them. We can remove or add Games to the Site at any time. “Rules” are these terms, conditions and regulations which You agree to when using the Site. “Site” and “Website”, and including, if applicable, any mobile and mobile application version thereof or any other subdomains of ‘’. “We”, “Us”, “Our” The Site is run by Ecofun Services N.V., a company registered in Curacao, “You” is you using the Site. “Your” has its usual meaning in relation to you. “Your Account” is your player account on the Site. “Totalisator” (also “Tote”) refers to the betting pool usually operated by the race organiser, which forms the basis of the odds calculation (also known as pari-mutuel betting).

4. Licenses

Here at We have always operated within the letter of the law. Take note of this credible and important information We are at liberty to share with You. We are licensed and regulated in Curacao by the Laws of Curacao under the Governor General of Curacao. This Site is operated under the following licenses granted by Antillephone under the Laws of Curacao:

8048/JAZ2020 – 025;

5. Who Can Play

To play the games on the site You must be:

  • over 18 years of age or above the legal age for gambling in the country You are playing from;
  • an actual person. You cannot be a company or other legal entity;
  • playing the Games for yourself and in a non-professional capacity;
  • legally allowed to play Games on the Site;
  • not resident in: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, China, Cuba, Curaçao, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guyane (French Guiana), Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Norfolk Island, N. Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Portugal, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, United States and its dependencies, military bases and territories including but not limited to American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, N. Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands, Yemen.

6. How You can play

6.1 Register

6.1.1 Click on “Register” tab

6.1.2 Accurately complete the registration form including

  • Your full name;
  • Your current address;
  • Your valid e-mail address;
  • Your current country of residence;
  • Your mobile number;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your gender;
  • Select and confirm password;
  • Select currency You wish to play in.
  • Clicking on “Deposit” on the Site;
  • Selecting Your payment method;
  • Completing the information required for that payment method;
  • Confirming that the information is accurate by clicking on “Deposit”.

6.3 Age Verification

Your age must be verified within 72 hours of Your first deposit on the Site. If Your age is not verified within this time, Your Account may be frozen and no further gambling will be permitted until We have successfully verified Your age. We may withhold any funds in Your Account until Your age is successfully verified. If You are found to be under 18, We will return any deposits and void all winnings and/or bonuses.

6.4 Other Forms of Verification We are under a strict duty as a gambling operator, in accordance with various laws and regulations, to ensure that You are who You claim to be and that the funds that You use to play are Your funds and are earned legitimately. We may therefore perform third party searches against Your name, compare the personal information You have provided, or We otherwise hold against other databases and make such enquiries and request such information and documents as We require to validate Your Account and the funds being used to play in that account. Failure to provide any information asked of You to enable us to comply with Our obligations under such laws and regulations (or providing incorrect information) will result in Your Account being closed and/or You being reported to the relevant regulatory body (including, without any further notice to You, criminal and serious crime monitoring/reporting agencies in any territory).

6.5 Play

6.5.1 We have a lot of Games on the Site. Simply go to the games lobby and start playing by clicking on the game of Your choice.

6.5.2 You must always play the Games on the Site in line with these Rules and any special Rules that apply to Games offered on the Site. Different Rules apply to different Games (Where such rules apply, please click on the link for each Game to see to the rules that apply to that Game):

  • Casino
  • Live casino
  • Sportsbook
  • Virtual Sports

6.6 Cancellation

6.6.1 We do not accept cancellations of bets or stakes on any Games except for in exceptional circumstances. Such cancellation is solely at Our discretion.

6.6.2 We do not issue refunds except under exceptional circumstances, which is solely at Our discretion.

7. General Rules For You

7.1 You must register and play on Your own behalf only and not on behalf of anyone else.

7.2 You must keep Your login details secure and not share them with anyone. If you share them, even unintentionally, You are responsible for any abuse or misuse of Your Account.

7.3 You must keep Your registration information up to date at all times.

7.4 If You realise that the information provided at registration is incorrect, You must tell Us immediately or immediately amend Your information.

7.5 It is Your responsibility to know if Your activity on the Site is legal in the country from which You are playing.

7.6 You are only allowed one Account on this Site. If you have more than one Account, You must immediately tell Us.

7.7 Only one Account for each household is allowed. If You realise that there is more than one Account at your household, You must immediately tell Us.

7.8 You may play any Game on the Site, as long as You have enough money on Your Account.

7.9 You are not allowed to transfer or receive funds from one Account to another and/or to transfer, sell or buy Accounts.

7.10 You agree that We can check You are who You claim to be. You agree to give Us all documents We request to prove Your registration information and payment details, such as (by way of example only) a copy of Your passport, utility bills or bank statements.

7.11 You cannot use any technical error or vulnerability to Your advantage. We will be entitled to cancel and reclaim all winnings gained in this manner.

7.12 You will not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to Your (or third party) use of the Site. You shall not use any software assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices to aid of Your participation in the Games on the Site.

7.13 You agree that we may also share Your information with other people or businesses in order to carry out Our business and deliver the Site to You.

7.14 You agree that all deposits/withdrawals made to/from Your player Account, are effected to/from bank account(s), debit/credit card(s) or any other payment options available in Your country, which belong solely to You and are in Your name.

7.15 In the event that streaming services are made available to You, so that You can have access to data or live/real time audio-visual coverage, You (i) agree to comply with any terms and conditions that will be disclosed to You in connection with such streaming services, (ii) acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in such material belong to third parties and agree that such material is made available to You solely for Your personal non-commercial use, and (iii) further agree that You may only download such material on to your personal computer and any other use is strictly prohibited, (iv) agree in particular not to (and agree not to assist or facilitate any third party to) copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit, tamper with or create derivative works of any data or live/real time audio-visual coverage provided to You.

8. What We Can Do

8.1 We can refuse to open an Account for any reason.

8.2 We can suspend or close Your Account for any breach or suspected breach of this Agreement or other valid reason. Upon closure of Your Account, the full balance in Your Account will be paid to You unless there is a reason for such funds to be withheld.

8.3 Whilst We understand that mistakes and typos happen, if We find the information given at the time of registration to be incorrect, this gives Us the right to close Your Account and keep any funds in it. Likewise, if You fail to pass any personal identification verification procedures We will also close Your Account and withhold any winnings.

8.4 If You try to open any other Account, on top of Your first Account, We will block or close the Account. We may also block or close Your first Account. If We leave Your first Account open Your remaining deposits from any other Accounts, if any, will be transferred to Your first Account. We will deduct an administrative fee of 10% (minimum EUR 50) for every other Account opened. We may also deduct further fees under these Rules.

8.5 If We find there is more than one Account registered for Your household We will block or close any Accounts for that household.

8.6 We may share Your personal and payment information with other people or businesses to check that You are who You say You are and for any verification procedures that We require.

8.7 We do not give credit. Any balance on Your Account will not bear interest. We will not be treated as a financial institution.

8.8 If You are found to be using the Website in any way for which it is not intended in order to gain money, We will adjust Your Account to remove any money gained from such activity and the Account may be permanently closed.

8.9 We can refuse, terminate or limit any bet or wager for any reason.

8.10 We will declare a bet or stake partially or fully void (and/or close Your Account) if We believe that any of the following apply:

  • You, or people associated with You may have directly or indirectly influenced the outcome of an event;
  • You, or people associated with You may have access to insider knowledge that can influence the outcome of an event;
  • You, or people associated with You are engaged in arbitrage or matched betting;
  • You and or people associated with You directly or indirectly ignore the Rules;
  • The result of an event has been directly or indirectly affected by criminal activity;
  • A significant change in odds happened, for example due to a public announcement in relation to an event;
  • Bets have been offered, placed and/or accepted that We would not have accepted, due to a technical issue affecting the Site at that point in time or a mistake, misprint and/or anything which is outside Our control.

8.11 We may close Your Account, cancel and/or refund any of Your winnings found in the “Available to Bet” balance, (after the deduction of any withdrawal charges), withhold winnings and/or apply debits as required (in relation to damage caused by You) without any obligation to state a reason or give any notice. If We do this, all valid contractual obligations in place at the time of closure will be honoured.

8.12 If We suspect that You are involved in illegal or fraudulent activities relating to Your use of the Site (or a third party’s use of the Site) or are in trouble with creditors or are involved in any other behaviour detrimental to the Site, We may freeze or close Your Account and/or cancel stakes.

8.13 We offer fair, open and transparent progressive jackpots on specific games for players who use its services for entertainment purposes only. In cases where We suspect that a game’s or promotion’s intended spirit is abused, We reserve the right to suspend, or cancel entirely, Your access to the game in question. Should We find it necessary, We may also close Your Account with immediate effect. Where Your Account has been terminated, We shall not be liable for any losses up to the point the Account was closed, nor will We consider any refunds on balances remaining on the Account. ‘Abuse’ is defined as, but not limited to, software-aided play on multiple games concurrently to generate more rounds of a game that could not be done naturally by a human player playing alone. Also, the practice of ‘cherry-picking’ games with ‘value’ jackpots, to the rank exclusion of all other games, will be considered an abuse of the spirit in which the jackpot is intended. In all cases where abuse has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, We retain the right to confiscate all of the winnings and any balance remaining on the Account.

8.14 All transactions will be monitored and/or reviewed to prevent money laundering.

9. Payment Rules

9.1 Making Deposits Payment methods can be found under both “My Account” and “Deposit” pages of the Site. The payment methods made available to You may change. Some payment methods may not be available in all countries. When choosing a payment method, You agree to the terms of that payment method, You agree to any charges that apply, You agree that the payment method is valid and You agree that the payment account or card belongs to You and that You have the right to use the payment method. The billing descriptor for all Bank Card payments will show up as ” ”. It is unlawful to deposit money which has been obtained illegally. We accept payments made in EUR, BRL, USD or such other currency as is made available in the currency drop down from time to time. You must choose one currency as the currency of Your Account. Any payments received in a currency other than the one chosen by you will be converted into the currency of Your Account at the exchange rate We choose. Also, any exchange premiums are payable by you. When payment is made using a credit card, We may request a certified copy of that credit card (front and back). Please ensure that only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card are visible and that the CVV /CVV2 number on the back of the card is also not visible. We do not accept cash directly or cash delivered to any payment solution provider.

9.2 Payouts When the outcome of a Game You take part in is determined, or when We confirm the result of an event, any winnings will be made available to you on Your Account. If We mistakenly credit Your Account with winnings that do not belong to You for any reason, these will be taken back from Your Account. If You have withdrawn these winnings before We become aware of this error, You must immediately inform Us and will be required to pay this back. If You do not We will take all legal action available to us to recover this debt.

9.3 Withdrawals You may withdraw any amount up to the “Available to Bet” balance in Your Account by issuing a valid notice of withdrawal. Notices for withdrawals must be made on the Site only. If You want to withdraw all Your funds, You must first cancel any outstanding stakes. You agree that funds in Your Account must only be used for playing the Games found on the Site. If You request a withdrawal without turning over an amount that is equal or more than the amount deposited, We reserve the right to enforce a turnover of the full or part of the previous deposit(s) made and/or charge a fee on the withdrawal requested. We can reject a withdrawal request if We suspect that funds are being withdrawn for any fraudulent or money laundering reasons. Prior to accepting a withdrawal, We may request that You provide legal identification, for example certified copies of passports, ID cards or other such documentation as We feel is required in the circumstances. We may also carry out phone verification, face verification or other such verification as is required to ensure that You are who You say You are. If You withdraw an amount which cumulatively exceed EUR 2,000 (or the equivalent in Your Account currency) We will carry out additional verification procedures. We may also carry out these verification procedures even in the case of lower withdrawals. Where a withdrawal is to be made using a credit card, We may request a certified copy of that credit card (front and back). Please ensure that only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card are visible and that the CVV /CVV2 number on the back of the card is also not visible. All withdrawals must be done through the same payment method chosen by You when placing a deposit, unless We decide otherwise or are unable to do so. If You deposit using a number of payment methods, We reserve the right to split Your withdrawal across such payment methods and process each part through the respective payment method at Our discretion and in accordance with anti-money laundering policies and regulations. The time for a withdrawal request to be finalised may vary due to circumstances, however a withdrawal attempt should be approved or denied within three (3) business days. When a withdrawal is cancelled, the funds are returned back to your account and you can make use of those funds accordingly on the account. does not assume any responsibility for any funds lost during gameplay following a withdrawal cancellation either by you or by us. All winnings of 20,000 EUR or more (excluding progressive jackpot wins), we reserve the right to divide the payout into ten installments, paid with 10 per cent of the winning sum every month until the full amount is paid out. It is at the players discretion to request a withdrawal every month until the funds are entirely paid out. We may request that You redirect Your withdrawal or cancel it or request that it is redirected to a different method of withdrawal in accordance with anti-money laundering polices and/or regulations. Cancellation of a withdrawal (whether this was made by You or Us) does not entitle You to any compensation should You choose to play with the funds in Your Account before any withdrawal is completed. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee in the event that You proceed with more than 30 approved withdrawals/payout requests during one (1) calendar month. The administrative fee shall be 2% of the transaction value but no less than EUR 5. It shall be charged on each withdrawal following the 30th withdrawal within each given month.

9.4 Chargebacks If a chargeback on a card or depositing method You have used is requested by the payment method provider, We may take the following steps:

  • We may block Your Account;
  • We may take any such action as we are entitled to by law;
  • A chargeback notice may be issued and sent to You, using Your registration details;
  • We will use the same payment method as chosen by You when placing a deposit in order to issue the chargeback. If We are unable to confirm Your identity and the payment method used in order to credit the Account in question, We will send out two reminder emails which will be subject to an administrative fee of fifty (50) euros each, which will be withdrawn from Your Account funds unrelated to the chargeback. The balance of Your Account may turn negative in cases of chargeback.

10. Closing Your Account

10.1 You can close Your Account at any time, by contacting support directly on

10.2 When You close Your Account:

  • You must first cancel any outstanding offers for stakes that You have made;
  • You must contact support and specifically request the closure of Your Account;
  • We will transfer all funds from Your Account (subject to the deduction of relevant withdrawal charges).

10.3 If You want to recover funds from closed, blocked or excluded Accounts, You need to contact support.

10.4 If You are closing Your Account because You have a problem with gambling addiction, please refer to Our Responsible Gaming Rules.

11. Dormant & Inactive Accounts

11.1 An Inactive Account is an Account having a real money balance that has not been accessed for an uninterrupted period of 12 months.

11.2 A Dormant Account is an Account having a real money balance that has not been accessed for an uninterrupted period of 30 Months.

11.3 Once Your Account is inactive, We will contact You via e-mail to inform You that We will charge a EUR 5.00 per month administrative fee, unless You login to Your Account.

11.4 If You log-in before Your Account becomes dormant, Your Account will no longer be charged the administrative fee. You may also request a full refund of the administrative fees charged up until then by contacting support. The period of inactivity starts to run again from Your last log-in date.

11.5 If, Your Account becomes dormant, and We are still unable to reach You, We, if required, in accordance with the applicable law (depending on where You are resident), shall transfer Your remaining balance to the relevant regulatory body.

12. Bonuses

12.1 Any Bonus is only available once per: person, family, household, address, e-mail address, credit card number, bank account, telephone number, computer/device and/or IP address.

12.2 Any “welcome” Bonuses are only available to new customers who open an Account on the Site and who have never held an Account on the Site before, have never received a welcome offer of any kind and who are invited to take part in a welcome offer by virtue of it being specifically offered to them when they register on the Site

12.3 Some Bonuses must be manually activated by You in Your Account. Unless stated otherwise, You can do this after logging into Your Account and depositing the amount required to access the Bonus. Such Bonuses can only be activated when real money is available in Your Account. If You play with any of Your deposited funds prior to claiming the Bonus, lost funds cannot be used to activate the Bonus.

12.4 When You claim a Bonus, Your real money, the Bonus and all winnings generated from them will remain as Bonus money and may not be withdrawn or wagered on other products until wagering requirements are met.

12.5 All Bonuses have a wagering requirement that needs to be completed within a given time frame before any potential winnings and/or bonuses can be withdrawn. Failure to meet the required wagering requirements and/or forfeit of an active Bonus for any reason may result in the forfeit of all winnings attained from Your real money as well as Your Bonus and bonus winnings attained throughout the wagering process of the Bonus. Any attempt to withdraw any funds or cash out any placed bets prior to the complete fulfilment of the Bonus wagering requirement, may result in the Bonus and any winnings attained (including winnings that originated from Your real money used to get the Bonus) being forfeited. System bets do not count towards the wagering requirements. Only bets that have been placed and settled during the campaign period will be considered towards the wagering requirements. Any bets that are placed and settled outside this period will not count.

12.6 Any evidence or reasonable suspicion that specific bets were placed on any Game (i.e. betting in proportions on different outcomes in the same hand to create “action”) without risk will not qualify for any wagering requirement. Examples of bets without risk include betting on red and black simultaneously in Roulette, and betting player and banker simultaneously in Baccarat. If You are found to be colluding with other players, for example, one person betting on the player, the other betting on the banker, You will have Your bets cancelled, Account closed and all deposits made by You may be forfeited.

12.7 If You cancel the Bonus You will lose the Bonus and all winnings generated from the Bonus.

12.8 We have the right to refuse any player a Bonus or We may alter the Bonus (including cancellation), if We believe that:

  • The Bonus is being abused (Our definition of abuse includes but is not limited to a player making use of promotional offers without ever risking their own funds);
  • Technical issues have occurred in relation to the Bonus;
  • The Bonus is, for any reason, not able to be conducted as planned.

12.9 We offer promotions in good faith to players who use Our services for entertainment purposes. We reserve the right to cancel or remove a player’s access to these games in the case of suspected abuse of this offer and also, should we deem it necessary, to terminate the offender’s Account with immediate effect. In the case of an offender’s Account being closed, We will not be liable to refund any losses made by a player on any Games or to refund any balances on the player’s Account. ‘Abuse’ includes but is not limited to using software and/or opening multiple accounts in order to gain an unfair advantage on a Bonus. In all cases of abuse, We retain the right to withhold all winnings and any balances remaining on Your Account.

12.10 All Bonuses are intended for recreational players and/or as tokens of appreciation to Our customers and We therefore reserve the right to restrict eligibility to participate in all or part of any Bonus.

12.11 The maximum withdrawal amount allowed from winnings earned from any Bonus or free spins offer before a deposit has been made is €100 or the equivalent in Your Account currency

12.12 Unless stated otherwise on the specific bonus landing pages, all Bonuses in the Casino have got a max bet restriction in place of €5 per game round or €.50c bet per line (or currency equivalent) and failure to adhere to this max bet rule may result in Account closure and forfeit of the Bonus and any winnings attained during the wagering of the Bonus. For currency equivalent, the following conversion rates shall apply unless specifically stated otherwise in the Bonus Terms and Conditions:

  • BRL: R$1 = €4
  • USD: €1 = $1

12.13 Irregular Play At any time, We may decide to review all records and play transactions and/or to monitor Your use of any Bonus or Bonuses. If Irregular play is suspected, We reserve the right to disqualify You from any free spins promotion or Bonus or other form of promotion and/or withhold all deposits and/or winnings and/or close Your Account. Irregular play is considered bonus abuse and is not permitted on the Site. Irregular play can include (but is not limited to): low margin betting, equal betting, zero risk bets or hedge betting. These are considered Irregular Play when done purposely to exploit Bonuses, in addition the following types of play are considered irregular play:

  • Increasing the balance and then changing Your gaming pattern significantly (bet, game type, bet structure or other pattern of betting) to complete any wagering requirements of any Bonus;
  • Using any betting system or placing even money bets on any game of chance; and / or
  • Using the “Double-Up” or gamble feature within a game to increase win values;
  • Increasing Your balance after placing high value bets and thereafter proceeding to place bets of less than half of the prior bet value, in order to meet bonus wagering requirements;
  • Wagering on Games that do not contribute towards wagering requirements or Games with a 0% wagering weight applied to them as specified in the specific bonus landing page terms;
  • Wagering on games with bonus money to build up value, lose the bonus and then cash out on the built-up value with a secondary deposit;
  • Short term, repetitive and/or unnecessary deposits and withdrawals in order to generate more bonuses.

12.14 Unless provided otherwise in the bonus scheme, all bonuses for stakes, winnings, etc. only apply for starting price and fixed odds bets and not for multiples, ante-post bets or Tote betting. Should multiples be part of a bonus scheme, the respective bonus shall relate to the final winnings amount and not to every leg’s winning.

12.15 Only one Bonus shall be granted per operation (e.g., bet, deposit). Should a Customer qualify for several Bonuses, only the Bonus with the highest Bonus amount shall be granted.

13. Responsible Gaming

13.1 Gambling can be addictive. If You need some help to overcome such addiction, kindly follow this link which will redirect You to Our Responsible Gaming page on the Site. Please always gamble responsibly.

13.2 Limits You may impose limits on Your Account. These limits are:

13.2.1 Deposit Limit You may choose to limit Your maximum losses. This limit will automatically block any further deposits made if the deposit limit set has been exceeded for that selected time frame.

13.2.2 Session Time Limit You may choose to limit the time You spend enjoying Our Games. This pop up will appear, reminding You of the time limit You imposed on yourself and will allow you to log You out of Your Account or continue enjoying Our games. Kindly contact support to be able to set this limit. Where a session time limit falls on the hour, this pop up will be replaced by the Reality Check if you are resident outside of the United Kingdom. If You change Your mind, these limits can be changed by letting Us know via e-mail. Increasing or revoking a limit shall have effect only after seven (7) days; whereas decreasing a limit shall have effect immediately.

13.3 Reality Check If You are resident outside of the United Kingdom and only when playing on casino Games on the Site, a pop up will appear which will pause Your Game to remind You that you have been playing for one hour. This will be done every hour. This pop up will remind You of how much You lost and how much You won. You will then select to continue to enjoy Our Games or log out. This pop up might appear later than the automatic one hour schedule if Your Game does not allow for temporary suspension. This pop up will appear immediately after Your Game ends once You have come back to Our lobby. We will not always be able to apply the Session Time Limit or Reality Check on the time promised. For example, if You play auto spin games, live games or games which are not hosted on Our Site We will be unable to apply the Session Time Limit or Reality Check reminders until the game has finished or You return to Our lobby. You can deactivate the Reality Check at any time by opting-out on the pop up. If You would like to reactivate this, kindly contact support or refer to the ‘My Account’ tab.

13.4 Self-Exclusion and Cool Off

13.4.1 You may choose to completely exclude yourself from playing any of the Games on Our Site. To do so You must login and go to the Self-Exclusion page. For residents outside of the United Kingdom, You stipulate the period You wish to be self-excluded for and Your Account will automatically be reactivated. If You are resident in the United Kingdom, self-exclusion will apply for a minimum of 6 months and You must then contact customer support to have Your Account reactivated.

13.4.2 You will not be able to open any Account with the Site should You opt for selfexclusion. You will also forfeit any entry into any competition or draw which was entered into prior to such self –exclusion as well as forfeiting any noncash prizes or invitations which have been granted to You or offered to You prior to such self-exclusion but which have not yet been redeemed or utilised by You (for example, where tickets for an event have been offered but the event is to take place during a self-exclusion period, the invitation is automatically withdrawn upon self-exclusion) . This is to prevent gambling being promoted to You in a time where You have taken some time to assess Your gambling behaviour.

13.4.3 You may also choose to “cool off” if you are a UK resident. You may want to take a break from gambling and a ‘cooling off period’ can be set for a period of: 24 hours, 1 week, 3 weeks or 6 weeks. Please contact support or visit this link when logged in to request a cool off period. At the end of any cool off period, Your Account will automatically be reactivated.

13.5 Other If We believe that gambling will cause You financial or personal difficulties, We may close Your Account. You must not open a new Account. If You do so, it will be at Your own risk and We cannot be held liable.

14. Miscarried and Aborted Games

We do everything We can not to have any technical foul ups, but this isn’t always possible. We therefore need to tell You the following:

14.1 We, Our suppliers and/or licensors are not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to Game play. Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of the management;

14.2 We, Our suppliers and/or licensors accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with the Site or its content, including and without limitation to:

  • Delays or interruptions in operation or transmission;
  • Loss or corruption of data;
  • Communication or lines failure;
  • Any site or content misuse;
  • Any errors or omissions in content;

14.3 In the event of a casino system malfunction all wagers are void;

14.4 If Your Game miscarries because of a failure of the system, We shall refund the amount wagered in Your Game by crediting it to Your Account or, if Your Account no longer exists, by paying it to You directly, in an approved manner. If You have accrued credit at the time the Game got miscarried, the monetary value of the credit will be paid out to Your Account or, if Your Account no longer exists, it will be to You directly, in an approved manner;

14.5 We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that Our computer system enables Your participation in a Game. If after You have made a wager game play is interrupted by a failure of the telecommunications system or a failure of Your computer system, the Game will resume as at the exact time immediately before the interruption occurred. If however, such resumption is not possible We shall:

  • Ensure that the Game is terminated;
  • Refund the amount of the wager to You by placing it in the Your Account.

15. How to Complain

15.1 Ensuring the ultimate Customer experience is in Our DNA and very much part of Our mind-set, however We appreciate that from time to time complaints need to be addressed. On the rare occasion this happens You can get hold of Us through the following communication channels:

15.2 So that We can deal with Your complaint quickly and efficiently, please provide Us with clear information about Your identity as well as all relevant details giving rise to the issue. This will enable Us to promptly resolve a reported matter and reach an amicable settlement.

15.3 Any claim you might have regarding any transaction must be made within six months after the transaction, payment and/or settlement took place/should have taken place; otherwise we will not consider the claim. Once a claim is received, we will review any queried or disputed transactions and let you know the outcome. Our decision on this is final, in simple terms, what we say goes.

16. When Talking to Us

16.1 When You contact Us, You will not make statements which:

  • Are sexually explicit or grossly offensive;
  • Use derogatory terms and/or incite hatred;
  • Are abusive, defamatory or otherwise harass, threaten or cause distress or inconvenience to our support agents.

16.2 We record or keep copies of all communications that You have with Our support agents.

17. When Talking to Each Other

17.1 We may provide You with a chat facility to talk to other players. When contacting each other, You shall not make statements or transmit content which:

  • Is sexually explicit or grossly offensive;
  • Uses derogatory terms and/or incites hatred;
  • Encourages or facilitates antisocial behaviour;
  • Encourages or facilitates any illegal activities;
  • Harasses, threatens or causes distress or inconvenience to other players;
  • Influences other player’s actions through intimidation or abuse;
  • Disrupts the normal flow of dialogue, makes statements that are abusive, defamatory, harassing or insulting to the users of the Site;
  • Advertises, promotes or otherwise relates to any other online entities including forums;
  • Is about the [removed duplicated “the”] Site, or any other Internet site(s) connected to the Site and is untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging to the Site;

17.2 You will not collude in any way through the chat rooms.

17.3 Any suspicious chats will be reported to the Regulator and all relevant authorities. Be careful what You post.

17.4 We review all chats and keep a log and record of all statements. Your use of the chat facility should be for recreational and socialising purposes only.

17.5 If You breach any of the provisions relating to the chat facility, We may remove the chat room or immediately close Your Account. If We do, We shall refund any funds which may be in Your Account over and above any amount which may be owed to Us (if any).

17.6 We will not be liable if damage arises out of such chat functionality. You agree to compensate Us against any damage arising out of Your illegal, unlawful or inappropriate conduct or arising out of violation of these chat Rules.

18. Privacy Policy You can read our Privacy Statement here

You should be aware that acceptance of the Rules includes full acceptance of the terms of Our Privacy Statement. We therefore ask that You read the Privacy Statement carefully.

19. Your Liability to Us

19.1 You enter the Site and participate in the Games at Your own risk. The Site and the Games are provided ‘as is’. The only promises We make in relation to the Site are detailed in these Rules. We do not warrant (in simple language, We do not legally promise) that:

  • The software or the Site is fit for purpose and free from errors;
  • The Site and/or Games will be accessible without interruptions.

19.2 We shall not be liable for anything, this includes any: loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise arising in relation to Your use of the Site or Your participation in the Games.

19.3 You hereby agree to fully indemnify Us (in simple language, compensate Us for any loss) and directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any: cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to Your use of the Site or participation in the Games. If You don’t agree to this, You should not use the Site.

20. Breaches, Penalties and Termination

20.1 If we suspect that You have breached these Rules, We may refuse to open, suspend or close Your Account. We may also withhold any money in Your Account (including the deposit) and set off any money or damages due to Us against the money in Your Account.

20.2 We also have the right to freeze or terminate Your Account or cancel any stakes if:

  • We suspect that You are engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities;
  • You are having problems with creditors or otherwise which are detrimental to Our business.

20.3 Our decision is final.

21. Anti-money Laundering Reporting

21.1 As a gaming operator We need to comply with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and any associated Regulations. We shall check all transactions and report any suspicious transaction to the relevant competent authorities in Malta (or other such territory as may be relevant to Your transactions).

21.2 If You become aware of any suspicious activity relating to any of the Games on the Site, You must report this to Us immediately.

21.3 We may suspend, block or close Your Account and withhold funds, in accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

22. Intellectual Property

22.1 We are the sole owner of the trademark ‘world777’ and the ‘world777’ logo. Any unauthorised use of the ‘world777’ trademark and the ‘world777’ logo may result in prosecution.

22.2 is Our uniform resource locator and no unauthorised use may be made of this URL on any other Site or digital platform without Our prior written consent. Links to the Site and any of the pages therein may not be included in any other Site without Our prior written consent.

22.3 We are the owner or the rightful licensee of the rights to the technology, software and business systems used within the Site.

22.4 The contents and structure of the Site pages are subject to copyright © and database rights in the name of Ecofun services NV all rights reserved. The copyright in this Site including all: text, graphics, code, files and links belongs to Us and the Site may not be reproduced, transmitted or stored in whole or in part without Our written consent. Your registration and use of the Site does not confer any rights whatsoever to the intellectual property contained in the Site.

22.5 You agree not to use any automatic or manual device to monitor Our web pages or any content therein. Any unauthorised use or reproduction may be prosecuted.

23. Severability

If any provision of these Rules is held to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from these Rules and all other provisions shall remain in force unaffected by such severance.

24. Entire Agreement and Admissibility

24.1 The Rules are the entire agreement between us with respect to this Site and, except in the case of fraud, overrule all prior communication and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between us.

24.2 A printed version of these Rules and any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings.

25. Assignment

We can assign or transfer this agreement. You cannot assign or transfer this agreement.

26. Insolvency

We hold all customer funds in a separate bank account. You must be aware that these funds are not protected in the case of insolvency and therefore in the event that We should go insolvent, Your funds may not be returned to You. For customers in the United Kingdom, We have a duty to inform You that this level of protection is classed as the basic level. For more information, please see here.

27. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Language

27.1 These Rules are governed by the Laws of Curaçao and the parties agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the Governor General of Curaçao.

27.2 These Rules are published in a number of languages. It is only the English version that forms the legal basis of the relationship between us, but all versions reflect the same principles. Translations into other languages are made as a service and in good faith, in the event of any discrepancy between an English version and a translation, the English version shall prevail.

Curaçao, 22/04/2021